segunda-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2012

Economia Social de Mercado

Como o leitor já teve ter notado, tenho simpatias pela chamada economia social de mercado, pouco conhecida no circulo acadêmico laico do grande bananão. Tão pouco, ao que parece, em instituições confessionais, apesar da matriz cristã-católica do modelo. O texto abaixo, oferece a leitura da COMECE e quem sabe possa vir a ser traduzido em portugues. No link abaixo é possíver ler o documento em ingles, frances e alemão.

The present text, a statement of the Bishops of the Commission of the Bishops’
Conferences of the European Community (COMECE), offers a commentary on
the concept of “a highly competitive social market economy”. This concept has
become one of the treaty objectives of the European Union since the entry into
force of the Lisbon Treaty. As a formulation, the concept of the social market
economy is used most often in German-speaking countries, but it has also entered
the constitutional traditions of other EU States, such as Poland. Now it has become
a legal concept that is firmly anchored in the European treaties. However, it still
needs to be fleshed out and made concrete. We, as bishops, should like to make a
contribution to this process, as we have already done in the past on other aspects
of European policy.
The roots of the term “social market economy” are found in Europe’s philosophical,
religious, and, in particular, Christian heritage. It therefore seemed to us appropriate
and legitimate to speak out on this matter from our perspective, even if we ought
to acknowledge openly that we are not experts on many of the questions raised.
For this reason, initially in March 2010, we asked the Social Affairs Commission
of COMECE, chaired by Cardinal Reinhard Marx, Archbishop of Munich and
Freising, to prepare a draft statement. We would like to thank our Social Affairs
Commission and its Chairman, as well as a great many specialists, for their diligent
preliminary work and advice. Special thanks are due here to the Director of the
Catholic Social Sciences Centre of the German Bishops’ Conference and his
colleagues in Mönchengladbach. The Social Ethics Conference, organised jointly
with the Secretariat of COMECE in May 2011, was an important step on the path
to the final draft, which we discussed at two plenary sessions and finally adopted
last October.
The Catholic Bishops, on whose behalf the Bishops of COMECE are monitoring
the European unification process, feel closely bound to the work of European
unification. The significance of this work needs, however, to be communicated
afresh to Europe’s citizens today. We are firmly convinced that the concept of a
social market economy can be of great help in this respect. This concept calls for
equal balancing of the principles of freedom and solidarity. It stands for respecting
the value of all human beings and affording particular protection to those who are
weakest. Within the framework and boundaries of our specific mandate, we would
like to work alongside the European Union as it develops into a genuine community
of solidarity and responsibility, which also lives up to its global obligations.

+ Adrianus van Luyn,
Bishop of Rotterdam
President of COMECE

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